To get the best from your stove or fire, you need to burn good quality logs. At Hopshill Firewood we have a variety of excellent hard and soft woods. Soft burn brightly and hot, as they are more likely to 'spit' and are better suited to stoves. Hard woods burn for longer and are often chosen for open fires. Our most popular loads are a soft/hard mix. Standard sizes are 8 - 10 inches, other sizes can be supplied upon request e.g 15 inches, 2 foot etc. 25% moisture content or below is the accepted standard. We provide a professional, friendly and prompt service . Call us today for your requirements.

2 Cubic Metres Mixed Crate
2 Cubic Metre Crate of Hardwood
2 Cubic Metre Crate of Softwood
Builders Merchant Bag
Net of Logs
Pack of Heat Logs
Net of Kindling