As an established family business, Merriman Farms LTD take pride in their personalized service, ensuring their customers receive excellent seasoned firewood for whatever application.

Welcome to our firewood company site

The number one supplier of seasoned hardwoods, softwoods, kindling and heat logs in Pembrokeshire. We are farmers and have diversified into the firewood sector due to change in our farming policy. There has been a demand for seasoned logs and kindling due to the amount of people installing multi fuel/log burners due to rising prices of coal, gas, electric and oil. We have made massive strides to the set up starting from a cow shed and an axe to having purpose built sheds and the latest machines to cope with the high out put demands. Softwoods are bought in from local forestries being well seasoned and very dry which is great for the multi fuel burners and kindling. Hardwood timber is sourced from our own woodlands and bought in from nearby farms and forestries where trees have been fallen, standing dead or a hazard to powerlines/machinery etc. MOBILE FIREWOOD PROCESSING ON SITE AVAILABLE - Please call us today! Get your fallen tree into logs and save money!!!